My breath is taken away all at once and I’m numb with shock.  My colleagues look at me eyes wide with horror.  I look down seeing nothing unusual in front of me.  Confused I feel a small throbbing near my spine.  I cautiously run my fingers up my back looking for a sign, anything out of place.  What the heck?  Where is that throbbing coming from?  Ouch, I draw back my hand quickly and examine it.  There’s something lodged in my index finger.  A long piece of wood is sticking out of my skin.  It’s then that I notice the sticky red liquid.

Blood covers my fingertips.  At first I don’t fully grasp the seriousness of my situation.  I just focus on breathing and trying to remember what just happened.  Everything just happened so fast, and then I remember.  I drop to the ground paralyzed.  He tried to kill me.  The one person I trusted has joined those thugs.  I choke on my own blood and it’s then that the spasms begin to spread through my body.  Poison spears.


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