Gun Violence

Okay, I would like to say some quickish things on gun violence….

I’m sorry but putting more restrictions on gun violence probably IS NOT going to help my friends.  Most of the guns people are using to kill other people are stolen.  In other words THEY DON’T OWN THE GUN a lot of the time.  Guns are smuggled ect.  SO YEAH.  Guns are (more than half the time) used for killing.  Whether the gun is used for killing animals or humans it’s still killing.  Here’s another thing, guns can be used for very little purposes OTHER THAN killing.  Like just shooting targets ect.  But seriously shooting targets and inanimate objects is pretty much the only thing guns are used for other than killing.  Yes I know, self defense, intimidation but you know they’re mostly used for killing.  I AM NOT SUPPORTING OUR GUNS BEING TAKEN AT ALL.  Under the second amendment, we have the right to bear arms (own weapons basically) to protect ourselves against our government ect.  So I’ll drop that part of my argument for right now and go to the next part.

Schools should NOT have teachers armed in the classroom for TONS of reasons.

1. Those poor teachers would have so much pressure on them to make sure the gun safe so no psycho takes the gun and shoots everyone.

2. What if a child somehow got hold of that gun?  Like a freaking angry 17 year old ready to shoot everyone up.

3. What about the teachers finally driven to their breaking point.  Kids like to test their teachers, to be mean ect.  So what if they shot one of the kids.  Some are like “oh no it won’t happen!” But it’s a serious possibility.  There are some pretty crazy teachers out there.

And now some random stuff I just started thinking about.

For you people that are like guns can be used for tons of things other than killing, I say, shut the hell up, I’m not going to use my gun to make a freaking taco -_-.

Unicorns might not exist anymore because of guns… 

What would we do in a war without guns, cannons ect.?  HEY YOU!  YEAH I FREAKING HATE YOU!  SO I’M GOING TO YELL UNTIL YOU SURRENDER!!!!!  Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh no………  Just no.

Uhm and how are the police supposed to protect us without guns again?

Those are just some of my opinions on this.

-TheJadeBlog/Jade :)


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