Random Cat story part one.

“Shut up I know you took our cats.  You’re really creepy and you seem to be the only person who would really steal cats around here.” I say my hands on my hips infuriated that my cat had seemed to disappear into thin air along with everyone in our neighborhood’s cats.

“I swear I didn’t!” the man argues.

“My cat is gone too!” Mrs. Gold screams from across the street.

“You’re cat has been dead for three years Mrs. Gold” I yell back.

“What was that?” Mrs. Gold asks turning the right side of her head toward me.

“What is her problem?” I ask out loud to no one in particular.

“Nothing Mrs. Gold, you should take a nap now” I say back.

She nods and heads inside.  I roll my eyes and then  feel kind of bad because she’s really old.

“Anyways,” I turn back to the man, “Jerry we know you have them, where did you put them?”

He smiles in a way that probably made all of us neighbors uncomfortable. 

“You’ll never find them” he cackles and then falls to the ground dead.

“Well…  That was weird” I say.

The woman next to me nods in agreement.

*Three Hours Later*

“OH THE ROAD GOES EVER ON AND ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Steve the unicorn sings.

“Shut up Steve and keep walking on” I reply.

Steve exhales sharply and continues walking up the rocky terrain.  A line of other neighbors continue down after me on their horses (I got to be the leader because I have a unicorn) on a mission to find our cats.  Jerry was crazy so we just had a hunch he’d go up a mountain to hide the cats…  That and we found a map with an X marks the spot in a cave on this mountain labeled “hidden cats” so you know I had a hunch that the cats were there.


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