Something New :) You pick instead!!! :)

Today I’m wondering what you want me to write.  I’ve never done this before, this whole “asking your readers what they would like you to write instead thing.”  I think it’ll be good for me though, I should step out of my comfort zone a little bit.  Please respond because I really would like to try this.  I do best with paranormal things but pick whatever you want.


I don’t mean to sound desperate, I just really want to try this :).

-Jade :P


11 thoughts on “Something New :) You pick instead!!! :)

      • Trust me – pleasing 3,700 followers is not easy, especially when you try blogging every day for an entire month. I’ve been around for less than 3 months, but all I do is just follow my heart. Then, I follow the trending interest in what I write. If you wrote about cats and dogs, but more people check out your cat article more than the dog one .. then obviously write more about fluffy purrrfect friends! ;)

      • I freaking love cats xD (just had to put that out there). AND thank you :). DANG you’ve got a lot of followers AND thanks for the advice :).

      • OH DEAR GOD NO!!!!!!! NOT THE KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. Yeah I got a lot of ideas in this head of mine.

      • I did it!!!!!! I published two things xD. One is about gun violence and the other is about cats haha. Thanks for the advice :).

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