Part One of Mystery story involving a hotel

The rain comes down much harder than it had before.  Anticipation rises inside of me as I approach my destination.  Words shine through the heavy rain and I smile, teeth and everything despite my current situation.  I walk into the hotel and as I do, a man stands up and walks over to me.

“What room will you be going to?”

“190C” I reply.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have that room,” he slips the key into my pocket hesitantly, “oh, well I suppose I should check that text again.”

No one notices as I slip inside the hallway.  I pull out the key and fit it into the janitor’s storage closet.  Or at least the old door is labeled Storage.  Once I’m inside, I’m greeting with stairs heading downward.  My feet move automatically, descending into the darkness as I was told to do.


2 thoughts on “Part One of Mystery story involving a hotel

  1. Damn. Sounds like a lead up to the Alfred Hitchcock Movie ‘Psycho’. But much, much cooler.
    You for sure have something here. Just let it rip. Do not even think about what you writing.
    Just write. This story will fall into place. For real.
    You good.

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