My opinion

I’m not perfect.  Nobody is except for God.  For all of you atheists who want to tell me God is not real, SAVE IT.  I’ll believe in what I want to and you can believe in what you want to.  Besides, this paragraph isn’t going to be all about God although I do love God.  Today I’d like to talk about something that bothers me immensely, the super-stars that act so perfect.  Some of those stars I’d like to punch in the face, I’d never really punch them though.  Those men and woman that stand so proud with their heavy makeup, face jobs and implants.  The people that are corrected on a computer.  Society thinks we should look like those “perfect people.”  That we should be straight, beautiful and have the best figure (you know the one that doesn’t exist) to be perfect or the best.  There is no best.  All men and women are created equally.  Every homosexual, heterosexual, light eyed, dark eyed, light haired, dark haired, dark skinned, light skinned person is equal.  (I’m sorry if I missed anything which I probably did by the way.)  It doesn’t matter how much money you have in your pocket or how little money you have in your pocket we are human beings. 

Recently I was watching the news and I heard that The Boy Scouts of America are voting on whether or not their gay-ban.  YES THE GAY-BAN I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD could be uplifted.  I’m all for uplifting that ban because I was pretty pissed that they even had one.  When the newscast asked around it turned out that around 57 or 58 percent of people who voted on the news poll they had said that the ban should not be uplifted which pissed me off.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that it’s not like they chose it really.  Gays and lesbians aren’t bad at all, they’re just attracted to the same gender which is totally fine with me.  I’m sorry for all of you people who are sitting there all mad that I’m saying this, well it’s my opinion that God loves all of us EVEN the gays and lesbians.  So I believe there should be no discrimination of any kind whatsoever and if you don’t like my opinion then deal with it.


2 thoughts on “My opinion

  1. Damn. You go Girl. Phew. Steam comin out my “puter”. Maybe this will shed some lite;
    There is one brain part, called the anterior commissure, that’s bigger in gay men’s brains than in those of heterosexual males.
    As well this gene; Xq28, is a major player in gay men.
    Keep up the great work Jade. This blem me away.

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