Part 2 of Random Cat Story!!!

Steve stumbles on a rock and the both of us go down.


“You don’t pay me at all!” Steve screams back.

“Well then…  I feed you!”

“Yeah once a week!” Steve says annoyed.

“Well you’re magical so why can’t you get some food yourself?” I ask

“I don’t eat.”

“THEN WHY DO I FEED YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”  I ask enraged.

“I never said you had to” Steve replies.

I sigh, Steve and I get up refusing to speak to each other.  I get back on Steve and Steve continues walking up the mountain to the cave.

We reach the cave in about an hour.

“What’s the plan?” Mrs. Gold asks.

“Uh, what the h e double hockeysticks?  When did you get here?  No one invited you!” I say confused.

“I’ve been here the whole time!” She replies even happier than she had before.

“Okay,” I shake my head and point to a dark haired dark eyed woman sitting on the brown horse behind me, “You and…” I move my arm to a random blonde haired blue eyed man toward the back left, “you, watch Mrs. Gold”  I finally finish.

“How’d I get on this horse” Mrs. Gold says shakily.

The whole group behind me begins to mutter lots of things like “yeah how did I get this horse” or “I don’t even own a horse!”

“HEY SHUT UP!” I scream.

Everyone immediately stops talking.

“Steve got the horses for you, he’s got connections to you know the Horse, Unicorn, Pegasus, animal world.”  I say.

“Hey does anyone hear that?” Asks a tall dark skinned woman in the back.

Everyone listens attentively.  Cat yowling sounds from inside the cave.

“I’M COMING FOR YOU LEONARDO!!!” I scream.  (Leonardo is my cat, named after Leonardo DiCaprio.)

We all jump off our horses (and in my case unicorn) to head inside the cave in search for the cats.


Something runs by us quickly.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 of Random Cat Story!!!

  1. Wow. You Good. I was so worried I could not find you as you deleted your stuff.
    I wrote you a long reply on the last time you commented on my blog, They Tellin Me.
    Thank God you still writing. I was concerned.
    Do Not give up writing Ms. Jade. The world will be at a loss.

    • Whoa, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that last sentence meant to me. Recently I’ve been busy with the life of me and just really didn’t have time to write. I also just really didn’t feel the need to. I’ve never really expected anyone to be upset I stopped, so thank you very much :).

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