Kind of Creepy Short Story.

Waves lap against the rocks, mist shoots up as an effect of the impact.  The smell of the ocean, the feel of the grainy sand.  Everything about it is peaceful for me.  I inhale the beautiful scent and lay out the blanket onto the beach.  My body begins to relax after I lay on the blanket. 

I get up slowly after an hour of napping, the clouds block the sun, there is only a faint bit of light although it is two o’clock.  Wind blows and a chill sweeps over me.  Goosebumps form on my skin.


The scream breaks the peaceful silence, the scream must have woken me up.  I sprint over to the water where a small child flops her arms around aimlessly.  I run to the freezing water.  Why in the world would she be in the water when it’s this cold!  I wonder.

I call out to the eight year old girl.  I tell her I’m coming to her aid. 

Ignore the temperature of the water.

I swim as fast as I can to the spot in which she is.  I see her there, and for a moment she goes completely still, but she’s still afloat.  She smiles, revealing her sharp teeth.  In an instant pain fills my whole body and I’m limp in the water.  For just a moment I see the supposed girl as she swims away with her black scaly tail flopping behind her. 

Sirens sound behind me and I slip out of consciousness. 

“Can you hear me ma’am?” He asks me.

I move my arm slightly.

“We’ll need to take her to the hospital, load her onto the stretcher.” He tells others in the water.

As I’m being taken to shore, I can feel their eyes on me.  Their beady black eyes with dead yellowish skin pulled tight.  Fangs, sharp nails and bony fingers greet me in my dreams later in the night. 

I wasn’t supposed to survive, and they’ll make sure I don’t.  Telling anyone else won’t be possible since my vocal chords are gone.  So I’ll just lay here in my hospital bed, with its scratchy sheets, and I’ll say goodbye to everything I’ve ever known.  My family will come to visit me, their salty tears will sting their eyes as well as mine, because it seems its just too soon to say goodbye.  As we bid adieu I can’t help but think, fairytale creatures like mermaids and fairies, aren’t what they seem.


3 thoughts on “Kind of Creepy Short Story.

    • Thank you soooo much :), not too long ago I was starting to stop but every comment just makes me want to write that much more :).

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