Part Two of Mystery Story from my old blog.


Louis groaned, they always told him not to diss his birth mother, but why not? The woman LEFT HIM. How could he not? Anger welled up inside of him at the thought of her abandoning him as a baby. He’d been told Liz Hahn had not planned to be pregnant with Louis so once she gave birth, she left him at the doorstep of Janet and William Jones’ home. Louis thought of his birth mother as a coward, afraid to take care of him. Afraid of everything that had to do with, well, doing something. Most children fantasize about their birth parents being wonderful people, but Louis knew better to believe in silly unrealistic things like that because believing in that would only bring him disappointment.

“Louis, please come back downstairs” Janet called.

His eyebrows arch in question, Janet doesn’t say please when she’s angry. Janet never really says please anymore, she sounded… Worried.

But why? He always did this when he was upset.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

Panic welled up inside of him as he heard the strange footsteps. Or footstep, it was more like thump and then a sliding sound like something being dragged. It’s nothing he tells himself silently, I’m just letting my imagination get the best of me. No one is coming to get me, but Louis was wrong. For a man walked up those winding stairs, a man dragging a large bag full of something behind him, the bag smothering the newly bought white carpet with red liquid.


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