Part Three of Random Cat Story

“What the heck was that!” I exclaim, fear creeping into my voice.

“The wind” Steve the unicorn says then rolls his eyes.

“Oh…” I reply embarrassed.

So onward all of us neighbors go, we leave the all the horses outside the cave (except for Steve because he’s a unicorn) and enter the cave with extreme(ish) caution.  After thirty minutes, we’ve reached the end of the cave and guess what?  Our cats aren’t there.
Sighing I look around for anything they could be hidden in, or by.

“Hey look!” Someone points out.

“At what?” I ask, looking everywhere but the place he pointed.

“Up there!” The man says.

I look up and there’s an entrance to another cave…. A cave entrance impossible to reach.

“DAMMIT” I scream flopping my arms around like an idiot.

Just then Steve the Unicorn screeches this weird sound and Pegasuses fly in the cave, prepared to take us up to the other cave.  I jump on top of the white one and we fly up to the other entrance.


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