Suggestion Time!!!

Okay so it’s suggestion time again!  Any ideas?  Because I’m running out of good ones.  Just leave a comment below if you’d like, I’d really appreciate it!  If you could, please put a challenge for me, like I’m used to writing paranormal stuff, thrillers if you will, maybe help me step outside of my comfort zone a little bit?  Or just comment on whatever paranormal thing you want me to write.  Thanks! 



2 thoughts on “Suggestion Time!!!

  1. Jade, Jade, Jade,
    Girl. Just Write. Just write young Lady. Let your fingers just fly across the keyboard. Remember, we write for ourselves. That is when we Shine.
    Feel Me? So Far?Rayn

    • Yeah I do, I just want a bit of a challenge right now, and yeah I get that I just feel like doing something different for a change. :). Thanks for being so supportive Ryan. I really really really appreciate it!!!

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