Check this out please!

Okay so I know most of you will ignore this but I’m asking you to check out  

Ryan may post things you don’t agree with but some of the stuff he writes blows my mind away.  He’s an ex-marine, with his military perspective on government matters.  Please  check it out :).  Just tryin’ to help him out :).



2 thoughts on “Check this out please!

  1. Yo Jade,
    You so cool. Yeah, I value you as a reader.
    Most people are, well… Morons who live in a sheltered world controled by the bought and sold.
    As I have stated before, Military People such as myself and friends, we know what time it is. As well we consider 90% of Americans, well.. Idiots on the Moronic fringe stuck in front of one electronic device or another.
    Believing all that is told to them through the bought and sold media. While aquiring my B.S. in Mass Communications, on the very first day of television production, the proffessor stated to the entire class that the most important realty of television was that, “T.V. is a big lie”. The bought and sold.
    As I have stated before I write for myself. Frankly I could care less what people think regarding what I write.
    Again, you get it Jade. For sure you part of the 10%.
    Pleasing people is not only a waist of ones entire time, but a phony proposition on the best day. Oh Well.
    Thank you for your constant props. Let people hide behind Facebook or whatever bought and sold media there is.
    For real folks, we laugh at that. Again Girl, Thanks.

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