Thanks :)

I was just checking the stats on my blog and I realized, holy crapoli I actually have some followers.  I actually do get likes.  I’ve gotten 80 views and even though most have gotten more, that’s a pretty good accomplishment for me, so thank you readers, for putting up with my randomness.   Thank you to my biggest supporter on here Ryan because he is my inspiration, the reason why I started blogging and the reason I kept blogging.  So yeah, thanks.  I do the suggestion thing a lot I guess and really its just because I like to try to step out of my comfort zone.  Still, when I look through all of those likes I’ve gotten so far, and see which subjects get the most likes I realize hey, I don’t write many of those.  Maybe I should try to.  Then I don’t because I’m lazy, forgetful and full of other ideas I write all the time.  I want to become a great writer.  A great Fiction writer.  I really do.  Its my goal.  A goal that won’t be easy to achieve, heck one that I might not achieve.  When I read that I’ve gotten likes or those inspirational comments from Ryan, that’s when I realize hey I might actually be a pretty good writer.  People actually read this crap sometimes.  Its a great feeling.  Thanks readers for giving me that happy feeling.


Jade :)


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