asldkjflaskflsdkjflkjfsdlkjfsdlk I don’t know…

“What in the world?” sunlight peered through the blinds in my apartment. 

I could of swore I closed those blinds, and then I see it.  The window latch is broken.  I get up off the couch quickly and grab my gun up off of  the couch.  I move cautiously through my apartment looking for anything out of the ordinary.  God I shouldn’t have testified against that guy.  William Albert had killed two men without leaving fingerprints.  I was the only witness and no one had believed me.  They said Mr. Pottenger had committed suicide and so had Mrs. Albert.  But I watched him push them over the side of the patio.  He threw Mr. Pottenger over because he witnessed it as well.  People said that not being able to save Mrs. Albert is why he committed suicide but it just didn’t add up.  There’s this whooshing sound and I’m knocked against the wall.  I struggle against the body ontop of me. 


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