There are the days where you just don’t want to get up.  Where the motivation has left you entirely.  Now that its summer things are slowing down and although I should be writing more because I have more free time I don’t.  I’ve gotten lazy it seems.  And I’m hogging my ideas.  I just don’t publish them on here anymore.  I don’t even get on wordpress much anymore because I have no reason to.  The only reason I get on is because of Ryan.  I need the inspiration to come back :/.


2 thoughts on “:/

  1. Jade.Jade.Jade.
    Yeah.Those day’s Ya Just Don’t wanna get up.
    Rise and shine Girl. Let it scream.
    This Gig as it were begins @ 03:30 when the Droid starts playin ‘Magical Mystery Tour’.
    At the Gig by 5 workin. Knock off @ 09:00 when the temp is @ 3digits.
    The rest of the day is chill time for this Oldman.
    When I sit down at the keyboards here at the college my brain is fried broccoli.
    Took today off. Write in my notebook every day.
    So Sweet Lady. Time to write.

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