My feelings on a recent passing on someone I love

Getting over a death is so hard.  Its funny because you don’t think that it affects you until you find something that reminds you of the person you lost and you lose it.  Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my Great Grandmother whom unfortunately passed away a few months ago.  I wouldn’t let myself feel the pain of her passing when she passed.  Instead I closed myself off from my feelings and now since I found a card from her I feel so much pain in missing her.  My grandmother was an amazing woman and I miss her so much.  I’ve even dreamed about her.  I’d like to say something about that first thing I wrote.  You don’t completely get over a death.  I’m not sure how exactly to put this but you miss the person you love but eventually its not so hard to think about them anymore.  You begin to heal.  I don’t speak about the effect my Grandmother’s passing has had on me but I think it’s time I start letting some of this out because I believe it may help.  Talking about other things that happened in my life to others did.  I know this is random but I feel I might as well tell someone.

– Jade :).

-And for anyone who has lost someone recently I’m here for you.  It’s hard but it gets easier.




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