Bullying causing plastic surgery?

Bullying causing plastic surgery?

Wow.  So what is your guys opinion on this?



Just something I wrote up

There are going to be people that push you so hard you just feel like you can’t get up.  I mean this metaphorically of course.  If someone really pushes you so hard that you’ve hurt yourself and you can’t get up then you should probably seek medical attention and a restraining order.  All kidding aside people are going to say mean things.  They’re not going to like you for reasons you may not understand.  It may feel wrong to you that they don’t like you.  There will be people that don’t like you because of the color of your skin or your religion or your sexuality but that’s their problem.  They were probably raised to believe things differently than you or to be non accepting. It hurts but just remember that others around you can help you aren’t alone.  You’re not the only person being called these horrible names.  Many other people have been and they’ve made it.  You can too.  Just seek the help of others.  No matter what you think there are people that care about you.  You’re not alone.