Explosions sound in the background.  The girl looks up with a scowl on her face.  They’ve interrupted her reading.  She gets up just in time to watch another building blow up, debree blows into her face.   She doesn’t even put up her hand to prevent it from colliding with her face.  Groaning, she walks away farther as she’s been doing each time the explosions get closer. 

“Hey, make them farther away, that was a good reading spot!” She calls out up above her. 

The black creature nods and makes its way to the other creatures to pass along what their master has just told them.


The Creature

Scratching sounds on the tile floor.  Long nails go back and forth making the horrible sound.  Black thin marks are everywhere all over the tile.  Its coming for her.  She knows there is no denying it.  Sweat comes down her face as she packs her things to try and make an escape.  Deep growling sounds come from downstairs.  Instead, she’s thrown to the wall.  Sloshing sounds come from her bedroom as the big black slimy sharp nailed creature gets on top of her.  She screams as it eats her, the blood covering its already slimy mouth.  Because of the blood it becomes stronger and hunts for more in the house.  Thinking everyone has been killed it leaves and morphs back into human form, its bloodshot eyes searching the streets to make sure no one will see him leave the house.  He doesn’t see the little girl hiding in the bushes.

Part One of Two Stories (I’m really sorry guys, for some reason this part deleted and I had to re-do it so it’s not good but the second part is wayyy better)

“Hey mom I’m home!” I say aloud as soon as I enter our two story home.

No response comes.  She must be sleeping I decide.  So I go into the downstairs bathroom and shower.  I put my long black hair up afterward and walk to the stairs.

I scream as soon as I see it and fall down the stairs.  Scrambling, I crawl to the home phone.

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“I’d like” I pause, “to report a suicide.”

And then everything goes black.


I wake up on a rough carpet.  It’s pitch black and my stomach hurts.  Raspy breathing comes from the other side.  It’s close.  My hands and feet are bound.  Pain comes from my right leg.  I scream, it’s a mix between horror and pain.  Then, I feel no pain.

The trunk opens and blinding light comes through burning my skin.  A blanket covers me, and then I’m whisked away inside of a motel room.


Part Two of Two short stories about a creature.

It’s not long until the pain is over and I’m feeling better than I ever had before.  The trunk opens and light floods it.  My skin burns at the sun.  Quickly, I’m covered by a blanket and whisked away into a motel room.  It’s dark and creepy.  I’m no longer scared, in fact, I’m actually somewhat at ease.

“You’re going to do what we tell you” the scratchy low voice says from the right corner of the room.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean you’re one of us now.  Now you don’t have a mom to tell you what to do.  We won’t really tell you what to do.  You’re safe from all of that now.” The voice replies.

“But you said I would have to-” I start but am cut off by the voice.

“No arguing!” It says sharply. 

Raspy breathing sounds from all around me.

“What do you mean by that then?” I ask, choosing my words carefully, hoping not to anger the creature.

“I mean, you’re one of us now.  Now you don’t have to do anything except for be with us.  We only have few rules that you must abide by.”  It says.

“1. You’re not human so don’t act human.  2. You’re better of now then you were before so be… Glad that we’re taking you in.  3. Don’t argue or talk back when you’re told to do something.”

And then there is complete silence.

“Go to sleep now” the voice purrs in my head. 

I do.


I’m woken up by a series of hissings, the hissing doesn’t bother me anymore. 

“We hate them” they say in unison.

I nod in agreement and we all head out. 

“Oh please, me master, let me go first” the voices around me sound in the pitch black vehicle say in a growling type voice.

“We’ll test out the new one” the master says in his deep creepy growling type voice.

Instructions are given to me in my head.  I drag my legless slimy black body into a long ago house I once lived in, new people live there now.  I go into the room I once had and angrily grip the teenage girl’s leg.  She looks down, and before she can scream, I throw her against the wall.  Thump, thump, thump.  Her body hits each step as I drag her down the steps.  Blood smears the white carpet.

“I’ve done very well, yes I have indeed” I say in my new raspy voice.

Soon, I’ve taken her to the black car’s trunk with a bag over her head, bound her and I’m in the trunk, waiting until the right moment when she wakes up.  When she does I greet her with a smile in the darkness, my sharp teeth glowing. 

“You’ll thank me later” I growl.

And just like that, she’s one of us.


The End.