Random Paranormal like Mystery story

She wills it all to stop.  She asks it all to just go away and leave her alone forever.  It doesn’t.  It follows her your own shadow when the sun is bright and hot.  It stings like sharp thorns on vines wrapped around her arms and legs.  Love hurts, but it shouldn’t hurt this bad.  Its unnatural the pain she’s in.  It was a unique breakup, but then again every breakup is. 

She turns, her arm visible in the bright full moonlight, bite marks cover her arms.  He looks like a shadow, a quick one though.  A shadow that could be at one place and then another in less than a second.  He looks through her with those unforgiving black eyes.  Tears run down her face but she wills the tears to stop because they like it when you cry. 

“P-p-p-p- l-l ease” she chokes out.

His sharp teeth glitter in the silver light.

“I thought you loved me?” He asks her, the tone of his voice dark but smooth. 

Perhaps like velvet?  He inches closer gracefully.  He bites her like he always does.  The expression on her face is one of shock and horror.  Tears run off her face.  She continues to cry.  She screams.  The screaming stops.  Her body slumps to the ground.

The worst part is she did love him although she didn’t want to.  Although he did horrible things to her.  Although she got weaker and weaker each time he visited.  The pain became an obsession, a hunger.  So she let him in.  She allowed him to enter her home.  Because she loved him.  She loved his dark eyes and his dark hair.  She loved the angle of his cheekbones.  The hunger, the need, her obbession.  Most of all her undying love was what killed her in the end.  But the very worst of it was, that the monster loved her too.  But he couldn’t control the thirst. 

He slumps away, his dark eyes focusing on nothing.  Walking over the blood stains on the carpet, and he tries to cry.  But he can’t.  For everyone knows that the dead cannot cry.



Suggestion Time!!!

Okay so it’s suggestion time again!  Any ideas?  Because I’m running out of good ones.  Just leave a comment below if you’d like, I’d really appreciate it!  If you could, please put a challenge for me, like I’m used to writing paranormal stuff, thrillers if you will, maybe help me step outside of my comfort zone a little bit?  Or just comment on whatever paranormal thing you want me to write.  Thanks! 


Part Two of Mystery Story from my old blog.


Louis groaned, they always told him not to diss his birth mother, but why not? The woman LEFT HIM. How could he not? Anger welled up inside of him at the thought of her abandoning him as a baby. He’d been told Liz Hahn had not planned to be pregnant with Louis so once she gave birth, she left him at the doorstep of Janet and William Jones’ home. Louis thought of his birth mother as a coward, afraid to take care of him. Afraid of everything that had to do with, well, doing something. Most children fantasize about their birth parents being wonderful people, but Louis knew better to believe in silly unrealistic things like that because believing in that would only bring him disappointment.

“Louis, please come back downstairs” Janet called.

His eyebrows arch in question, Janet doesn’t say please when she’s angry. Janet never really says please anymore, she sounded… Worried.

But why? He always did this when he was upset.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

Panic welled up inside of him as he heard the strange footsteps. Or footstep, it was more like thump and then a sliding sound like something being dragged. It’s nothing he tells himself silently, I’m just letting my imagination get the best of me. No one is coming to get me, but Louis was wrong. For a man walked up those winding stairs, a man dragging a large bag full of something behind him, the bag smothering the newly bought white carpet with red liquid.

Kind of Creepy Short Story.

Waves lap against the rocks, mist shoots up as an effect of the impact.  The smell of the ocean, the feel of the grainy sand.  Everything about it is peaceful for me.  I inhale the beautiful scent and lay out the blanket onto the beach.  My body begins to relax after I lay on the blanket. 

I get up slowly after an hour of napping, the clouds block the sun, there is only a faint bit of light although it is two o’clock.  Wind blows and a chill sweeps over me.  Goosebumps form on my skin.


The scream breaks the peaceful silence, the scream must have woken me up.  I sprint over to the water where a small child flops her arms around aimlessly.  I run to the freezing water.  Why in the world would she be in the water when it’s this cold!  I wonder.

I call out to the eight year old girl.  I tell her I’m coming to her aid. 

Ignore the temperature of the water.

I swim as fast as I can to the spot in which she is.  I see her there, and for a moment she goes completely still, but she’s still afloat.  She smiles, revealing her sharp teeth.  In an instant pain fills my whole body and I’m limp in the water.  For just a moment I see the supposed girl as she swims away with her black scaly tail flopping behind her. 

Sirens sound behind me and I slip out of consciousness. 

“Can you hear me ma’am?” He asks me.

I move my arm slightly.

“We’ll need to take her to the hospital, load her onto the stretcher.” He tells others in the water.

As I’m being taken to shore, I can feel their eyes on me.  Their beady black eyes with dead yellowish skin pulled tight.  Fangs, sharp nails and bony fingers greet me in my dreams later in the night. 

I wasn’t supposed to survive, and they’ll make sure I don’t.  Telling anyone else won’t be possible since my vocal chords are gone.  So I’ll just lay here in my hospital bed, with its scratchy sheets, and I’ll say goodbye to everything I’ve ever known.  My family will come to visit me, their salty tears will sting their eyes as well as mine, because it seems its just too soon to say goodbye.  As we bid adieu I can’t help but think, fairytale creatures like mermaids and fairies, aren’t what they seem.

Part One of Mystery story involving a hotel

The rain comes down much harder than it had before.  Anticipation rises inside of me as I approach my destination.  Words shine through the heavy rain and I smile, teeth and everything despite my current situation.  I walk into the hotel and as I do, a man stands up and walks over to me.

“What room will you be going to?”

“190C” I reply.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have that room,” he slips the key into my pocket hesitantly, “oh, well I suppose I should check that text again.”

No one notices as I slip inside the hallway.  I pull out the key and fit it into the janitor’s storage closet.  Or at least the old door is labeled Storage.  Once I’m inside, I’m greeting with stairs heading downward.  My feet move automatically, descending into the darkness as I was told to do.

Part One of New Mystery series.


My heart beats so loud I’m afraid that they’ll hear it.  Quivering I pull my thick legs even closer to my chest.  It’s all just a dream, It has to be I tell myself.  Footsteps sound outside of the wooden closet doors.  Heavy footsteps, my chest tightens and a ball wells up in my throat.  I push my lips behind my teeth and literally bite the inside of my mouth.  Please, please, please don’t let him find me I plead to God silently.  In an instant the wooden closet door swings open and bullets whiz through the air.  Her body slumps to the ground in her own puddle of red blood.


Lisa didn’t want to go to school that day.  Her alarm clock probably went off about ten times, and instead of getting up at 6:00 like she was supposed to, she ended up waking up at 7:30 because she forgot to set the alarm for an eleventh time.  So, when she did finally get up, she swung her thin legs over her bed and got ready for school as quickly as she should, but something peculiar happened that morning.  That morning, at 3:00 a.m a girl the same age as she had been murdered.  When she came down for breakfast in a hurried fashion, her father had left the television on and she caught a glimpse of the early morning news.  The thought of a girl the same age as she, in this very town being murdered gave her chills.  On the way out of her home, she found a girl sitting on her front step. 

The girl looked up, her eyes were sad.

“I don’t know how I got here” she said.

Lisa had heard of thing like this that could happen, maybe that girl had gotten drunk or maybe had some disease but the girl looked strangely familiar. 

“You look really pale,  are you alright?” I ask her hesitantly.

Then it hits me.  I know where I’ve seen this girl before.  There was a big picture of her on the news this morning.  This was the girl murdered early that morning.

Something New :) You pick instead!!! :)

Today I’m wondering what you want me to write.  I’ve never done this before, this whole “asking your readers what they would like you to write instead thing.”  I think it’ll be good for me though, I should step out of my comfort zone a little bit.  Please respond because I really would like to try this.  I do best with paranormal things but pick whatever you want.


I don’t mean to sound desperate, I just really want to try this :).

-Jade :P