Part One of New Mystery series.


My heart beats so loud I’m afraid that they’ll hear it.  Quivering I pull my thick legs even closer to my chest.  It’s all just a dream, It has to be I tell myself.  Footsteps sound outside of the wooden closet doors.  Heavy footsteps, my chest tightens and a ball wells up in my throat.  I push my lips behind my teeth and literally bite the inside of my mouth.  Please, please, please don’t let him find me I plead to God silently.  In an instant the wooden closet door swings open and bullets whiz through the air.  Her body slumps to the ground in her own puddle of red blood.


Lisa didn’t want to go to school that day.  Her alarm clock probably went off about ten times, and instead of getting up at 6:00 like she was supposed to, she ended up waking up at 7:30 because she forgot to set the alarm for an eleventh time.  So, when she did finally get up, she swung her thin legs over her bed and got ready for school as quickly as she should, but something peculiar happened that morning.  That morning, at 3:00 a.m a girl the same age as she had been murdered.  When she came down for breakfast in a hurried fashion, her father had left the television on and she caught a glimpse of the early morning news.  The thought of a girl the same age as she, in this very town being murdered gave her chills.  On the way out of her home, she found a girl sitting on her front step. 

The girl looked up, her eyes were sad.

“I don’t know how I got here” she said.

Lisa had heard of thing like this that could happen, maybe that girl had gotten drunk or maybe had some disease but the girl looked strangely familiar. 

“You look really pale,  are you alright?” I ask her hesitantly.

Then it hits me.  I know where I’ve seen this girl before.  There was a big picture of her on the news this morning.  This was the girl murdered early that morning.


3 thoughts on “Part One of New Mystery series.

  1. Damn Girl. Yeah.
    Too bad. Sorry to be the one. Bearing all the bad news. Your gonna have to hear this at some point…
    You a great writer.
    Oh well. I know it doesn’t make sense. It’s like, Yo, so what I can write. So can everyone. Not. I fell for that self defeating crap.
    Just write. For you. When you write and then finish and a big, giant, just ate the whole thing smile lights up your face. You for sure had a great day at the keyboard.
    Don’t waist your life as I did working and writing for others. You are a screen play writer. For real. Don’t stop.
    Had me worried you threw in the keyboard. Check out my comment earlier before I found you here. I replied to you on my blog, They Tellin Me.


    • Every comment just gets better in my eyes haha :). Thank you so much for the advice. I think everyone has the capability to write but they have to work at it. Some of us, just have the gift. The gift to let all of the ideas flow into something amazing. Like I think I’m pretty good at describing and you told me once that it makes you feel like you’re there at the moment with the character. You for one, have no problem stating your opinion which is a gift too. You can also really express your feelings very, very well. What you write isn’t just short or with few details, you include lots of details and use figures of speech. You give reasons on why you think certain ways as well and it just makes the things you write that much better. Yes, I might not agree with some things, but I’ll agree with others because you give your perspective on things which also at times could persuade people to think outside of the box and maybe even agree if they didn’t already before. Thanks :).

    • Okay, so I took your advice (well it was advice to me anyways) and I let all the writing just flow. I just decided to say screw everyone else I’m going to write what I want and I came up with a new thing I just wrote after I read your comments. It’s called “Kind of Creepy Short Story” and I guess I kind of let the dark side of my mind come out a little haha. I dunno, I hope you’ll check it out cuze I’d really like some input. Thanks for everything! :)
      Jade :)

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